Taking care of your Mind, Body and Heart helps lead to everyday health and confidence. Where does your confidence stem from?

Confiden971814_10100778893503081_65078019_nce is learned. It doesn’t just happen over night, it’s something you work at. For me, confidence isn’t about style or how I dress. On the outside, I am completeley casual. My hair is perpetually in a knot at the top of my head, my jeans are designer, but my t-shirts are wrinkled, and my perferred footwear are flip flops that I wear as the first flakes of snow are falling. But that casual presence makes me confident, because of what’s inside. I am smart, I am passionate and I bring that to the table every day. Whether it’s in a meeting with people that are much smarter than me, or at home where I am challenged beyond belief with my very young twin boys. As hard as it is at this crazy point in my life, I try to take a moment in each day to focus on me. Whether it’s going to Spin class or enjoying a double espresso on the walk into the office, that is time just for me. And giving myself that treat each day, helps to fuel my confidence for the rest of the day. Also, I give time and love to my friends and my family – they are a different type of treat. This alone makes me radiate daily, because what I give they give right back.
 – Lindsay Sutton


I think you need to fuel the inside in order to shine on the outside. I start the day with 3 things I’m thankful for. I always try to operate with kindness and positivity as much as I can. Always do the best work you can. That goes for not only my job- but it runs a full spectrum from the way I try to treat others to my choice in clothes. Although it’s good to be a hard worker, it’s essential for me also to try and take care of myself. From meditation to a green juice, to a good manicure- I can’t show up for life if I don’t take time to do little things for myself as well. I read a lot about spirituality and peace these days. This is what motivates me. And for those days when I’m not bursting with confidence- I’ve always liked the Wayne Dyer quote “what other people think of me is none of my business”  – Megan Graceffo



A few years ago, I made the decision to move to another part of the country, where I didn’t know a soul. Realizing that I had the strength and confidence to make such a bold move, and succeed, empowered me. That fearlessness, energy, positivity – these characteristics are a part of who I am and what I try to radiate daily.Marie Petrulavage



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I get my confidence from my experiences, from knowing what I have to do to get where I want to be, from my memories of bouncing back or learning from whatever life has thrown at me. Whatever misfortunes or consequences of poor choices I must endure, I can remember a time I went through something just as harrowing and got through it.  – Shannon White


Cut out the fd23m3S2_400x400negative influences in your life. I made this decision my junior year of college after one friend was becoming too emotionally draining. I realized me having to constantly reinforce her physical appearance because she was so insecure wasn’t the kind of friend I wanted in my life. Friends should build EACH OTHER up but not be there to serve up compliments on queue. –
Jessica Murray


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Those that truly love you will want to be part of your life no matter what. They will embrace the beautiful parts and even the not so beautiful parts that make up you. To me that is radiating daily.  – Daniela Forte



People ae52337cd4d04b157e52731585234d0ca_400x400lways tell you to do things that would make your future self proud and I like to think that the goal should be do things that your future self will thank you for and your younger self would be excited to do. Ryan Harnedy



So many sKissAvatar_400x400ay that to survive as a businesswoman you need to dress like a man, but downplaying my femininity doesn’t make me feel confident. What I learned is that when you own your style, respect follows — it’s more important than conforming to what is expected. So often, my clients ask me to tell them the perfect first date outfit. The secret is never a certain type of top or shoe but instead wearing something that makes you feel 110% you. When you feel great, you’ll be your best self — and that’s who you want your match to meet. – Laurie Davis, founder of eFlirt Expert and author of Love @ First Click!

Confidence comScreen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.32.18 AMes from “congruence” — having no gap between who I am and what I do (in all spheres). It took me a long time to realize that that was the gap that actually matters. Too many of us focus on closing a different gap: the one between who we are and what we think other people want us to do or be. But that leaves us not only not knowing who we really are, but not respecting who we already are — the very opposite of #radiatedaily. Tamsen Webster


Confidence t0a225b858d90a70e0db53e8721844a6f_400x400o me is about how I feel in my skin. Being a “working mom”, I vacillate between meetings in NY with my clients dressed to the nines, cocktail parties and evening events and cheering my kids’ on the soccer field. I have learned that confidence is not about the labels in your closet, the size of your pants, or how many Hermes bags you have. It’s about how you feel in your own skin and if you can look yourself in the mirror and stop obsessing about that thing that makes you crazy. Fat thighs, big noses, receding hairlines, muffin tops, I hear it from friends and family all the time. I say, stop looking. Focus on the things you love and the things you can’t change fade into the background. As a mom of a “tween”, positive body image is something I reinforce with her all the time. I never talk about being fat or ugly or pick apart things on my body. I want her to know that women are gorgeous. They come in lots of shapes and sizes and that she is gorgeous…inside and out. Being a good person is beautiful, just like her beautiful hair and sparkling hazel eyes. That is something we need to teach all the maturing girls in our lives. Love the skin you’re in. The clothes are a topper but it has to start from inside. – Michelle Heath

1888722_10202363601586421_711667281_nRadiating daily means feeling comfortable in my own skin, my own confidence and my own look. I’ve lately been taking a more concerted effort towards my opinion on personal fashion is, what my true style is, and ensuring that whatever I wear matches my personality and my confidence level while still making me an approachable, fun-loving person. I don’t want to conform to one particular style or look, especially if its one I don’t feel matches “me”, so I choose to have many that reflect how I feel each day and represent strongly who I am! – Kristin Dziadul

10888427_10104697363033643_2916275290663594937_nFor me fashion is all about changing your paradigm as often as your heart desires. Everyday you look in the mirror and decide who you want to be and what you want to define you. In fashion, the often monotonous daily grind can be masked by a beautiful dress that inspires you to feel smart, beautiful, and independent. As a little girl I recall spending Saturday mornings snuggled up with my mom in the living room reading fashion magazines. As we perused the pages, it became clear even at the age of 3 what my aesthetic was going to be. I often laugh when I look back at my childhood photos and realize how my style has evolved so much in some ways and not at all in others. […} we do not always feel pretty. There are days when you just want to put on a sweatshirt and hibernate. When I feel pretty, I feel like me. I feel like I have the ability to conquer any challenge.  — Suruchi Bhatia 

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    Try something new or unknown as often as possible.  I am inspired by and find incredible strength in doing things that expand my horizons and knowledge base. It can be obscure and unrelated to my day-to-day, such as listening to a podcast on scientific studies from the 1950’s or taking a circus arts gym class, or completely relevant to what I’m doing, such as attending a new media presentation at a marketing conference.  There are always opportunities, even in my busiest of days, to pause and take in something fresh that has the potential to get me completely jazzed and feeling empowered to learn more, do more, and be more. – Sarah Madey 


Confidence isn’t something you just “acquire” and for the longest time, I didn’t understand that. Through working on myself, I am now at a place where confidence means so much more than just being attractive. It’s about having trust that your DNA has to ability to accomplish whatever you set for yourself.” Thomas Edwards Founder // The Professional Wingman® 

I am really careScreen Shot 2015-01-11 at 1.11.36 PMer focused and I find a lot of my identity in that. But I’d say I get my confidence from that small group of people who’d love me no matter what I did for a career.” Janet Aronica 

  • Ryan Harnedy
    January 7, 2015

    This rules. I think one of the things I dig about #RadiateDaily is the emphasis that it’s not about WHAT you wear or HOW you acquire confidence but more about how those things affect you and how your style makes you feel that really matters.

    10/10 would visit website again

  • Pam Sahota
    January 11, 2015

    Thanks Ryan! We love that you are digging the site! And can’t wait to feature your story in the near future! 🙂 #radiatedaily

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