When one door slams, don’t look for that window…

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As the saying goes “when one door closes, another open”, or even a “window.” That’s pretty great because who wants to keep waiting for the closed door to open again? But can we help ourselves? Sometimes we wish it would crack just a little to let part of us back in, even just a window. But if that door closed, was it meant for us in the first place? Or at least right now?

What can we do to keep moving forward?

  1. Learn from our past, so we don’t continue to repeat the same mistakes
  2. Allow ourselves to mourn it, but not obsess over it
  3. Continue to look forward realistically and optimistically
  4. Look at what new possibilities the door closing could open in multiple directions
  5. Ask friends for their input on what they think this means for your future
  6. Purge things that remind you of the bad times or at least put them away so you won’t see them everyday
  7. Live in the moment and appreciate where the past brought you today
  8. Find new hobbies and activities to keep you preoccupied
  9. Find things you love to do by yourself that make you happy
  10. Give yourself a compliment each day



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