When life turns into “go go go”

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Autumn is here, which also means a time of year when things are picking up speed. All the good things including family events, community gatherings, school, work trips, football season, plans with friends and loved ones, and more. All great in theory, but sometimes it adds up and your calendar looks like it threw up ...


Fall into this Autumn Playlist

The perfect way to fall into this pumpkin spiced season is a playlist full of moody vibey tunes ... Are you ready for Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Craft, Gilmore Girls, and Harry Potter season? Because we are. It's full of apple pies, pumpkin pies, cozy warm feelings, and comfortable nights with that chill in ...


When things feel difficult, focus on the present

...Be grateful, for what you do have, and worry less about what you don't. The grass always seems greener, but sometimes it's just a mirage. Things can get tough whether it be work, relationships, family issues, health... but in the end a lot of these things are either temporary, and there are bigger things at ...


adopt don’t shop

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Thinking about adopting a pet? I've noticed the trend more-so during the pandemic and less often since then, but it's always a wonderful idea. A wonderful idea if you're truly prepared and ready for the responsibility when it comes to expenses time devotion to training and care understanding an animal becomes family not a toy the love ...