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Dealing with body image issues in 2023

Note: this post was written in its entirety by ChatGPT Dealing with body image issues in 2023 will likely involve a combination of self-care strategies and professional help. Some tips for self-care include: Focusing on self-compassion and treating yourself with kindness. Practicing mindfulness, which can help you be more present and less self-critical. Engaging in regular physical activity and ...


Work-Life Balance or Harmony?

I had always thought work-life "balance" was the key to happiness, but recently came upon the term work-life harmony, and am now revisiting the right way to approach life - for me. According to a Forbes article, "Work-life harmony is about you. It’s about your energy and where you invest it to make your life ...


Telling your ‘inner critic’ to chill

Have you ever doubted yourself? Had imposter syndrome? Or just wondered, can I do this? I'm pretty sure at one point (or many points) in time, we all have. No one is confident one hundred percent of the time, and that is perfectly normal. We are human. We have many types of emotions, and they ...


My word (not a resolution) for 2023

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We recently had a podcast episode around reflection, and as this blog post speaks on some of those topics, it also takes it a step further into 2023. Read on, for more... Today we're taking a moment to reflect on our resolutions, and words for the year and upcoming New Year. Reflection is definitely something that ...


Can you see through the storm?

Let's take a little journey and see if we can see through to the other side together? She ran into the storm Thunder surrounding her Lighting crashing behind and in front of her Rain coming sideways She wasn't able to see 6 inches ahead Yet she kept moving She knew she had to She had to keep moving The storm was one she ...


The Ultimate Holiday Playlist is Out of the Oven

We decided to heat up the ultimate holiday playlist which has been building over the years and is now over 130 songs large. From classic to pop to alt Christmas and holiday songs for your listening pleasure. We just wanted to add a little more pizazz with some of the latest ones to pop up ...

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