RD Profile of the Week: Laurie Davis Edwards

Laurie Davis Edwards, the founder of Eflirt, and Author of Love at First Click … is amazing. She’s not a typical founder or Author. Yes, she is intelligent, thought provoking, challenging, and driven. But she’s more than her career. She is more than a wife to her husband (also a pretty cool Entrepreneur – Founder of the Professional Wingman – Thomas Edwards).

She is a woman you want to get to know.
The second you are within her presence, you just begin to smile. You can’t control it, it just happens. Laurie, literally radiates joy and optimism. She’s one of those people you are excited to speak to, discuss everything with, and cannot wait until the next time you can do it again.
Why? I’ve thought about this. There are some people who are magnetic in this positive sense more so than others. In Laurie’s case I believe it to be because she is a positive and honest person. The advice she gives is real. She won’t sugar coat things, but she will also ensure that when you have exited the conversation, you have left with a smile and a new ambition.
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  • Ryan Harnedy
    June 29, 2015

    Laurie’s good people