the power of hate

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…have you ever realized the energy that animosity, frustration, anger, stress, and hate sucks out of you? It’s more tiring than anything else. It zaps you of the good energy and fills you with a worse version of yourself. But what about when someone enters your life and and brings out the worst version of you? Every time you think of that person you think of the bad, the ugly, and the hate fills you up. You wish karma would go kick them in the butt, because you didn’t deserve to feel this hate.

Then what?

Here are a few tricks I try to use when I’m feeling the bad mojo:

  • Be mindful of the trigger that’s causing the emotion. Is it something I can control? If not, I have to acknowledge it, let myself feel it for a moment, and move on.
  • If I can solve the problem, find a comfortable solution that makes sense and won’t compromise who I am.
  • Tell the person how I feel, if it makes sense and hasn’t been a ridiculous amount of time since the incident.
  • Give myself a break. We all fall into weakness sometime. Allow it, and move on. I just can’t let it consume my thoughts.
  • Talk to a friend about it and vent. Sometimes all I need is a moment to say it out loud.

And when that doesn’t work…there’s always chocolate. Or french fries.


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