What’s better than a vacation?

After getting into my thirties, I’m finally someone who can save properly and have little to no debt on a regular basis. Not bragging – it’s an achievement which took a long time to get to. I am proud of it. I am able to go on regular small vacations and usually one big trip a year (assuming it’s reasonable of course).

I had been considering another trip later this year to see some friends, and probably still could if I make it just a long weekend. However, it can no longer be a week long adventure…and I don’t regret it.


One night I was scrolling through Facebook – yes when I should have been asleep – and I came across a dog at the Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle.

According to the shelter’s post “Pink arrived at our shelter from Animal Care & Control in NYC after she was found tied up in the Bronx. It was obvious that 3 month old Pink was going to require significant medical care. One look into her eyes and we knew we had to help her. The medical evaluation by a specialist showed that Pink has a cleft palate and birth defects in both of her front legs. Pink is a very happy little girl despite all of this! Pink is scheduled for corrective surgery in early May. The cost of the surgery and follow up care is estimated to be $7500.00.

I mean look at that face!

To say this post pulled at my heart strings was an understatement. I used my vacation funds to help this pup get its surgery and hopefully find her forever home very soon.

Although I wish I could adopt, my kitten would probably be very upset with that. So if I can help a dog or cat, I figured I can at least do my part.

I might miss the vacation, but my heart is full, and I have no regrets.

Wishing you the best, Pink.



image sources:

Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle




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