Don’t let the past rule your future

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The problem many of us have is that we compare our past to our present, and what our future may hold. Yes, it’s great to learn from our past, but it shouldn’t dictate what we do and how we evaluate things going forward in every respect. So what makes sense and doesn’t?

  • Learn from the mistakes, and apply what you learned so you don’t make them again (i.e. bad relationships)
  • Don’t compare every relationship or friendship to great past ones, or you’ll never give someone a true chance
  • Allow yourself to move on from the past with a fresh slate
  • You are who you are because of your past, but it doesn’t mean you’re the same person anymore
  • Love yourself today, not the one you were yesterday, and look forward to the one you will become tomorrow

The past is the past for a reason. Let’s leave it there.

The only time I plan to look back, is at pleasant memories, and when there’s a cute puppy.


image source – pixabay

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