Good Vibes all Around…

It may be a saying we find on t-shirts, mugs, and other merch all around us nowadays, along with other similar mantras, but can you really say anything negative about having “good vibes” in your life and surrounding yourself with it? Who doesn’t want that?

What’s considered a good vibe? Usually an energy that comes off a person through their actions or body language such as smiling and an infectious happy energy. Basically a positive energy that allows you to think of the good things in yourself, the moment, and in others. It allows you to respond to a situation in a positive light rather than thinking the worst. It allows you to react more positively and find a silver lining rather than thinking “woe is me” for something that could be easily solved or moved on from.

A few ways to give off more good vibes for yourself and others include the following:

1. Smile

2. Say hello genuinely to others

3. Give huge

4. Provide thoughts of encouragement

5. Use your language of love to provide kindness to others

6. Allow others to feel comfort by your time with them

7. Give yourself time to re-energize

8. Take time each morning for self-love including meditation and/or exercise

9. Take time each week for the important people in your life

10. Say I love you to someone (even your pet) everyday

Start with one, and keep moving down the list each week.



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