Five creative ways to use pumpkin this fall

It’s that time of year…and you can’t deny that it’s basically pumpkin season. And if you’re looking for new pumpkin inspiration, check out the below options. Mouth watering pumpkin heaven.

Pumpkin Dip – hello, so ready for this gluten free option (not dairy free, but can probably find substitutes) with ginger snaps, veggies or crackers. Find recipe here. 

Pumpkin Soup – perfect for food prepping Sundays, and a cool evening. Gluten free. Find recipe here. 

Pumpkin turkey chili – a new gluten free twist to your football sunday chili. Find recipe here. 

Pumpkin oatmeal – because you don’t have to start your morning with a pumpkin spiced latte to enjoy pumpkin. Find recipe here. 

Pumpkin smoothie – sick of your green smoothie, try this gluten free option (add almond milk instead to be dairy free). Find recipe here. 


image source – pixabay


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