Giving Back

This time of year – with the recent holidays, new years resolutions, and the abundance of charitable messaging, can’t help remind us there is more to life than our daily issues…

I know mine can get petty at times, but who doesn’t get slightly consumed by:

  • the subway being too crowded;
  • no time to grab our favorite starbucks latte,
  • the dry cleaning messing up our favorite shirt,
  • your best friend canceling at the last minute for a mundane excuse,
  • rush hour,
  • having to pee during a meeting,
  • spilling coffee on yet another white shirt,
  • sleeping through your alarm,
  • being asked why you aren’t married yet,
  • when are you having kids,
  • are you sure he’s right for you,
  • student loans up the wazoo
  • stepping in gum
  • forgetting to put on deoderant
Shall I go on?
We all go through it. It’s normal. We can post our grievances on Facebook. We can be passive aggressive to our loved ones. Or we can shake it up a bit.
I’ve been shaking it up by being more thankful. More grateful. I have way more than I need (maybe not want, but definitely need). Great job, great friends, family, home in a great neighborhood, and have done a lot so far in my life. And of course my furry kitten who makes me smile each day.
So when I thought about how to give back, since I have so much already, I thought about the furry ones. The ones who depend on us. The ones who can’t live happily and healthily without the surgeries for their injuries. Who won’t be adopted until they get that leg fixed. I gave back to the MSPCA for caring about the furry ones like I do. SInce I can’t adopt them all (could you imagine?), I hope my small contribution will help others get a fun furry pet of their own one day.
Giving back helps me feel like it’s not just about me …everyday.
What helps you #radiatedaily?

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