Be Fit

Being Fit, isn’t just about looking amazing (but that is definitely an upside); it’s about feeling amazing when you walk out your door. We’ve all felt it…you get in that hard morning workout, and all of a sudden you think “wow I’m awesome, this day is going to rock, I’m going to conquer everything!” This is of course right before you spill your coffee all over the sidewalk, but who cares!
My favorite moment was when I realized that a morning workout helped me feel more comfortable in my clothes each day too. We all have the “wow I look fat” day. Even those 30 minutes in front of my tv, on a yoga mat, with my cat trying to walk under me as I try some weird yoga pose is enough to make me feel awesome. I am less likely to throw on a pair of cozy flats, and instead I may grab my heels to walk down the work hallway. I want to feel this confidence all day, so I’m going to let myself feel kickass in my heels.
In regards to my workout routine – I have a habit of changing up my exercise¬†so I don’t get bored. Also, I don’t always have the time to race to the gym int the AM, so I prefer the convenience of alternative workouts in my living room. My favorite quick go-to morning routines¬†lately include a mix of the following:
  • T25 (quick insanity workout – less time, more intensity)
  • Kettle Bells (so worth having these in your home for a quick boost of whoa). Hat Tip – Have the bells delivered. They are a pain to carry from the store.
  • Ellytpical and free weights (at least 30 min, preferably 45)
  • A rotation between squats, wall pushups, lunges, wall sits, frog jumps, butt kicks, planks, and burpees. 30 seconds each. Done 3 times.
  • And currently testing out the app Daily Burn. (stay tuned on my thoughts here)
And for the days that I just can’t get up. I make sure I walk home that day from work (45 min) and walk around a little more during the workday.
How do you #radiatedaily ?
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