Knowing your ingredients

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Ever been shopping and pick up a packaged good and look at the back and wonder, whoa? Why so many ingredients? What is that word? It’s kind of scary to think what goes into some of the food we eat – with or without realizing it. Over the past few years, especially since being gluten free (out of necessity), I’ve become way more conscious of the ingredients that are in my food and what else I’m actually eating.

I’ve realized I feel healthier and better when I take the time to do my due diligence for the following: 

1. Check the ingredient list: Just because it says organic or fresh or something trendy like that, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It’s important to the read the label and all the ingredients. Google it if you have to. Smartphones are our friends. 

2. Order of the list:  The ingredients are typically listed in order by those used most in the item you’re buying to those used least. Helpful to know especially when it comes to sugars and other ingredients you may be trying to avoid in your diet. 

3. Look for less ingredients: The more ingredients there are, the less you have chances to know what’s in your food. For example, RX and Larabars typically have 3-6 ingredients, which is why i feel confident in them. And the best part, I understand what each ingredient is. When i don’t have to google it, I feel even better. 

Overall, if you aren’t sure what the ingredients, look for an alternative. There typically are options for what you want. 


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