Man’s Best Friend

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It was the Friskie’s commercial a while back that quoted “man’s best friend” and how it’s “marketing genius.” And not only is it genius, it’s true, but not just with dogs. Our crazy furballs who invade our lives each morning excited to be fed, walked, and scratched are usually way more than just a cuddle buddy. They are a part of the family. They are the ones who are always excited to see us. They are the ones who want to play and give you attention. They are the ones who count on us each day. They love us. Unconditionally.

Some say that pets aren’t like children. I know they’re not the same, but I think there are similarities. And for those who don’t have actual kids, our pets are our kids.

I am a dog person, for sure. But living in a city, and being a career person, having a feline is so much easier. My baby girl, Lucky, is my daily joy. Although I may want to kick her five pound (yes, really) butt when she launches herself on me before the sun comes up, when I look at the tiny little face, I can’t help but laugh. She is counting on me for her food, and I have to be there. She counts on me to play with her each day. When I come home after work or after dinner with friends, she races to the door and meows until I pick her up. My heart melts when she curls up next to me and takes up half my pillow.

No I’m not a crazy cat lady (I only have one cat, remember)…but I do love my little one. I love her because she makes me smile each day. She makes a tough day easier. She makes the silly crap we over analyze seem less important. She gives me perspective on the important things. For example – Health and happiness. I strive for those things day in and day out – whether it’s through my career and finding the right path that works for me, working out regularly even if it’s just 30 min, having that piece of cheese (because yes), and/or just catching up with friends and having some quality fun.

Lucky makes me feel lucky.

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