When it comes to style – and in turn confidence, it’s easy to get discouraged, annoyed, and beat oneself down. We may not always feel great, think we look fat, or feel we can pull off a certain look. Total bull really. We need to work on changing that. Not only for ourselves, but for those we influence and are around. We mentor people – whether it be our younger siblings, friends, or coworkers. We want to ensure we feel our best so we can be our best each day.

So here are my go-to confidence boosters when I’m feeling less than stellar…

1. Making sure I get in a workout that morning. No one ever regrets a workout.

2. Wearing an outfit I know looks good every time. This could be your favorite blouse, jeans or accessory. Have it at the ready.

3. Focusing on one piece of “myself” that is working that day. Ex. Hair, Eye Makeup, Toned arms.

4. Choosing something I won’t fidget in. You fidget, you look uncomfortable.

5. Giving yourself a compliment. Really. Why the hell not?

Start here, and share yours too! How do you #radiatedaily