Update–It’s Okay To Ask For Help

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It’s been a while since I finally admitted to the greater good that I was asking for help–with decorating my apartment. To stay true to my word, I’ve been continuing to ask for help when I need it. My apartment is coming along well! The rug that my designer Jess picked out for my living room just arrived today and it is perfect for the space. It’s amazing how an accent piece or two can change a space, and even pick your spirits up a little in the meantime. My tv console arrives later this week–and while I could wait to share both updates to my living room, I’m just too eager to share my progress! It’s been fun to see my space slowly become more cozy and inviting.

Asking for help, even if it is for decorating my home has taught me a lot. I can’t do it all…and it’s perfectly fine. Asking for decorating help has even nudged me to ask for help in other areas of my life where I’ve been a stick in the mud, too. After 8 years of not having an eye exam, I finally went to the eye doctor and am now wearing glasses to read and watch movies. I’ve had my new glasses for a few days now and already notice a huge difference! I know it sounds pretty ridiculous that I didn’t visit the eye doctor when I knew my vision was getting blurry. I can be pretty stubborn at times when it comes to wanting to do it all on my own. I’m starting to get the hang of leaning on others when it’s beneficial.

It’s not always easy to ask for help or admit when you are having trouble, but reaching out and leading on others can serve as a springboard enabling you to #radiatedaily a little more than you may have been before.




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