Screw the Highlight Reel

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We all do it…we post the fun, exciting times of our day, week or month. The moments we smile, laugh, and are excited to remember years from now with our friends and family. That perfect birthday dress, the engagement of a friend, the perfect anniversary, or even just a subtle moment captured in time of a first snowfall. But what about the moment before or after? The moments inbetween? The imperfect ones?

What if we unpeeled the onion a bit and let our skin and real lives show a little more? What if we spoke to our pain? What if we came clean with our struggles? What if we demonstrated that life isn’t always perfect?

It certainly can be hard to look at some people’s lives and wonder wow – they have it so easy. But we all know – that’s BS. Everyone has problems and no one should ever judge, because we never know what that person is going through at that moment behind that picture perfect smile.

Does it mean we have to rant and complain about every bad thing that happens each day? Hell no. No one wants to hear from miss debbie downer either. It’s about letting the real out, and not just the good.

  • Don’t talk about the fight you had, talk about how you got through a rough time and resolved it and how it was hard, but you are better for it
  • Talk about how you’re grateful for the people who helped you through a time you weren’t sure would pass
  • Thank those who comforted you through both a great milestone and a tough time that came all at once
  • Realize there’s more to posting about your life….post about how you feel about the world around you. Maybe you have a cause you feel passionately about.
  • Live the life you set out to…even if it’s not ideal.
  • Show people your whole self.

Is it easy? Definitely not. But start in pieces. Start slow. You may feel a little weight lifted, and realize you aren’t living a double life. You are you, always.



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