When life turns into “go go go”

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Autumn is here, which also means a time of year when things are picking up speed. All the good things including family events, community gatherings, school, work trips, football season, plans with friends and loved ones, and more. All great in theory, but sometimes it adds up and your calendar looks like it threw up ...


Judgement is inevitable when you do this

With the advent of social media, blogs, and other mediums that allow you to broadcast your personal brand at the click of a button, brings on another beast. Judgement. Actors and famous people have had to deal with the issue of the media and putting out their image in tabloids for decades now. In that ...


Acceptance, if only it were so simple

Listen to our latest podcast episode on practicing acceptance or read out blog post below. February and March has been a tad frustrating for me because I injured my right hip/glute/back area from weight lifting (I think) or something clumsy - you never know with me. Unfortunately, not only was this painful physically, but emotionally ...