Stay a while

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Sometimes we are so quick to jump, rush off, move on to the next thing. We forget to take a minute and enjoy the moment. The person in front of us. The conversation we’re having. The person who is hoping we’ll take more time with them. Our pet who needs more playtime. Our work that needs more attention.

┬áThis holiday season, and upcoming year… what would have happened if we stayed a while…
The conversation over coffee could lead to a long time friend. A friend who is there when you are going through a rough patch, and he hands you the keys to your next step. Whether that’s a little nugget of hope or an actual connection to move forward. It’s a step.
The dog who sits by you when you’re sick and helps you feel a lot less alone.
Your mom and dad who have come to think of you as a friend and equal and happy to have you home for an extra meal. Happy to have that extra quality time without the fighting and fuss of childhood.
That assignment you worked harder on lands you the promotion you were dreaming of.
The person in the elevator has a better day because you took the time to say “hi, how are you?” instead of just keeping your headphones on.
The person on the subway who you gave your seat to, is able to get through their rough morning.
Your furball is happy you are home, even for an extra hour.
The person in the barstool next to yours could use the 5 minutes of banter. The five minutes of grown up conversation. To feel a little more normal.
Holding the door, because is that 5 seconds really going to make a difference?
Smiling and saying hi to the homeless guy on the corner, to show you saw him.
Really, you won’t know what that moment could turn into. How it could impact your future. How you may impact that person’s life for the better. How you could make their day, their life a little more positive and hopeful.
You won’t know, until you choose to stay a while.

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