My word (not a resolution) for 2023

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We recently had a podcast episode around reflection, and as this blog post speaks on some of those topics, it also takes it a step further into 2023. Read on, for more... Today we're taking a moment to reflect on our resolutions, and words for the year and upcoming New Year. Reflection is definitely something that ...


Can you see through the storm?

Let's take a little journey and see if we can see through to the other side together? She ran into the storm Thunder surrounding her Lighting crashing behind and in front of her Rain coming sideways She wasn't able to see 6 inches ahead Yet she kept moving She knew she had to She had to keep moving The storm was one she ...


she rose despite the thorns

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...fall into a poem, that may even inspire you... She felt beatenLike ropes on sunburnt skinHer tears swollen against her She laid thereNo words spokenHer breath just a beat She couldn’t lift her armRaise a word from her mouthSmell the fire around her Her life a furyHer heart a mazeHer head ready to fight She wasn’t one to lay downShe ...


When life turns into “go go go”

Autumn is here, which also means a time of year when things are picking up speed. All the good things including family events, community gatherings, school, work trips, football season, plans with friends and loved ones, and more. All great in theory, but sometimes it adds up and your calendar looks like it threw up ...


In need of an inspirational quote?

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Or a reminder that we're on the right track or have made it pretty far. Here are a few inspirational quotes I've found recently, heard, or thought of myself: Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway - Emma LovewellBe bold, or stay stagnantEmbrace change as change is a ...