10 Things we Learned from “Friends”

The show Friends was iconic especially in the late 90s, yet we can’t help but binge on it again and again on Netflix. Because it’s not just amusing, but it’s relatable and aspirational in some ways.

So what have we learned over 10 seasons?

  1. Apartments in NYC are not like Monica’s, unless you are grandfathered in, or have a lot more money
  2. Coffee shops are still cool, and you can hang there everyday with your friends and not seem as weird (unlike a bar)
  3. Going to Vegas doesn’t mean you should get hitched
  4. But when you do get married, make sure you say the right person’s name at your wedding
  5. Being best friends with your ex and still hanging out everyday, is not as easy as Ross and Rachel make it
  6. There is always a weirdo in the group (i.e. Phoebe), and if you’re not sure who – it’s probably you
  7. It’s ok to be over 30 and not have found the one yet
  8. Dating outside the group means you can find someone awesome like Paul Rudd
  9. Your hair will never be as awesome as Rachel’s
  10. Friends do move away, get married, and have kids, but you can still be amazing friends

And when you want to add to this list, there’s always “Netflix and Scroll” time for more.


Image – movies ndtv

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