The Choices

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In the game called Life, we always have choices. Ranging from the coffee or tea we choose to the route we take home after the evening ends. From the exercises we choose to the food we eat to the relationships we keep or leave behind. We have choices.

Sometimes those choices feel slim or impossible to make. Sometimes we feel like we weren’t left with one. But sometimes, the harder choice, is the better one (in the long run). And sometimes we just don’t see the other choice that’s sitting there, or we’ve put blinders on from seeing it.

There was a moment about a year ago, when I had a choice whether to stay in my old life or to move to a new one. It seemed like the only reasonable choice was to stay. It was more affordable. It was safer. It was where I felt at home. And I new I had a support system. It was a place that felt like the right choice. I had built a life and home “in that choice.” But the other one…the other was one unpredictable. There was no telling where it would or could lead. Would I feel at home? How much would it cost to adjust? Was it worth the sacrifices?

The choice was a 4 hour change in scenery. From a small city to a very big one. The thing is, it also invited new opportunities. New friends. Closer to family. And a chance to rediscover and connect with myself. It allowed me to grow. It allowed me to feel free and find new cool adventures. It allowed me to re-connect with old friends and test the boundaries of ones I had “left behind” but yet, just an instagram post or snap away.

In the end, it appeared like such a hard choice. Going from what I was used to and felt safe with to something new and unsure. In the end, the new and unpredictable and unsure was exactly what I needed. A fresh start.

The choice seemed so daunting. But in the end, I always knew the choice I had to make. I just had to get myself to lift the blinders and see the truth.

There are always choices.


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