Be Humble

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Some of the most loved folks – celebrities, professors, C suite folks, etc have one thing in common. And it’s not intelligence and ambition. It’s not just great leadership. It’s the ability to be humble.
I’ve found that the bosses and friends I’ve enjoyed the company of most are humble the majority of the time. I mean hey, we all have our moments right?
A few things I’ve picked up from them:
1. It’s better to listen then to be the one talking (most of the time)
2. Success isn’t one thing, it’s a constant moving target and we have to continue to shoot for higher goals
3. Speaking about what we’ve achieved says nothing
4. Demonstrating and helping others achieve as well, says so much more
5. Compliment others
This is all great to be thought about, but it takes patience and practice to achieve true humility. My biggest piece of advice is to observe those who embrace it and learn from them.
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