Don’t forget your girlfriends…

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It happens to the best of us. We get wrapped up in our daily madness, our relationships, and realize that we’re letting time fly by. Before our relationships, before our houses, and our kids, there was that group of friends you called your best friends. Your girlfriends. Your soulmates. They came over on Friday nights to watch movies, went shopping on Saturdays to pick out a new pair of fall boots, and grabbed that mimosa on Sundays to cheers the last day of the weekend. They were there at the drop of a hat on a Tuesday to grab a glass of wine when you needed to vent. They even texted all night on the nights it was too gross to meet up.

What am I trying to say? Make time for those friends, no matter where you are in your life. 

They are the soulmates who will pick you up when shit falls down. They’re the ones who will rejuvenate you when you need a boost. They’re your sisters. They’re your family. They’re the ones who have known you through all the madness.

Even with best friends spread across the country, and time zones away – there’s ways to make time.

  1. Make a monthly facetime date or group date
  2. Plan at least 1-2 trips a year to visit one another or pick a spot neither of you have been and plan a vacation
  3. Send each other cards – real mail is underrated
  4. Text just to say hi
  5. And remember to say thanks…for always being there


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