Don’t get stuck in the past

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Remember when you had the flutter of anticipation and excitement. The newness of it all. You can’t help but smile like a kid in a candy store. Damn, that was a great time.

But now it’s over. It’s buried and perhaps it should stay there.

What’s the usefulness of dredging up old memories that lead us to think of the bad ones too? Unless it’s to remind yourself of lesson not to be repeated, let it go.

I’ve gotten to a point with many of my past stories, to look at only the good now. I smile at the memories. And wish the best without any remorse. But what happens when we can’t stick to the happy?

Acknowledge the bad, and take your lessons. Think how you’ll apply it going forward, and how you won’t repeat, repeat, and repeat again. There are some that can never be good memories, and that’s ok. But let’s play a game of catch and release rather than let the fish stink up our lives for far too long.

1. Take the power of happiness back
2. Realize you can’t control all situations
3. Give yourself credit for coming this far
4. Take the feelings of bitterness and put them away, and lock the box (realistically or metaphorically).
5. Tell a friend so you can be held accountable

In my situations, I got rid of the boxes both for real and metaphorically. I threw away the reminders. Why hold on to something that won’t be apart of your future? I admit I’ve kept a few things, but very few. Ones that make me smile or were a little too awesome to get rid of.

The past is your past for a reason. The future is waiting…



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