Go on a date, with yourself

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I used to think having dinner or going to the movies by yourself would be lonely. I would feel like a loser. This past year, my perception on this changed. There were times when my friends or family were busy, not around, or didn’t necessarily have a desire to do the same thing I did that day.
I didn’t want to stay indoors just because I didn’t have a date or plans with a friend.
I had a date with myself.
It ended up being more rewarding than I imagined. I got to go to museums I enjoyed, have all the sushi I wanted, watch a movie I was stoked to see, go for walks, and even grab a glass of wine at my favorite bar. But what really had me psyched was the freedom and independence I felt.
When I realized I wasn’t afraid to spend time alone, I realized how much I actually enjoyed my own company. I felt free. confident. excited. ┬áIn turn, it allowed me to feel more confident on a day to day basis. I wasn’t scared to be alone. I was comfortable. Comfortable with myself.
I challenge you to try it, if you haven’t already. Share what your date was.

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