Holidays aren’t always easy

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While many of run around from holiday markets to buying presents to taking tours of the twinkling light shows in pure enjoyment, some others may be smiling on the outside, while feeling lonely or perhaps a tad bitter on the inside. The holidays are not all smiles and joy. They can lead to depression, loneliness, budgetary concerns, and more.

It’s unfortunate when there are those among us who feel less fortunate, less loved, and less secure in their current life stage. There are many quotes out there about those who are the strongest, could use a hug too; those who are always there for you, could use someone too; so on and so forth.

This year, instead of just worrying about presents — think about the people in your life. Think about what they may be going through. Perhaps it’s a medical diagnosis, debt, loss of a special someone, and/or a mental illness which provokes them from seeing the happiness that many of us might.

Take time for the people in your lives. Whether it’s coffee, a shopping trip, getting your nails done, going on a run together, and/or just having a simple movie night — those moments could do a lot for someone just to know you’re there to sit with them, listen to them, and just be there in general.

Lastly, don’t forget that one moment may mean a lot, but it may mean even more to make it a consistent habit to remind our loved ones we’re there — especially when we get busy during the holidays and claim we have no time for anything. We make time for the ones we want…so let’s make a little extra this year.


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