Looking back

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It’s that time of year. The end of a year. The beginning of a new one. The end of a decade. The beginning of a new one. 2020. What is coming? What do we plan to leave behind?

It’s not easy to reflect and be honest about what needs to change. It’s even harder to put a thought or plan into action. But once you acknowledge it, put it out there for others to see, and hold yourself accountable, it’s only time until it all comes together.

Here’s my plan…

Leaving behind:

  • regrets
  • bad memories
  • toxic people
  • grudges

New to the fold:

  • being grateful
  • putting kindness first
  • loving myself
  • finding more ways to give back
  • surrounding myself with good vibes and good people
  • learning regularly
  • health first / be more active

And reminding myself that perfection isn’t real. It can’t all be done at once and everyday, so patience is key. What about you?


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