let your brain breathe

Ever realize that we’re constantly filled with different mediums of distraction? From our social media apps to the TV to the computer, to the crowds on the street, being stuck in traffic, to the garbage truck outside, or the lawn mower of your neighbor. It’s a constant vacuum of noise and distraction. Do you remember the last time you sat in silence? Some of you who practice yoga or meditation realize the value of taking a moment. Letting yourself inhale the quiet. Listen to your own breathing, and let your brain rest for a moment. Let it process the mindfulness of that exact second you are experiencing.

But how? Are lives are too busy right?

  1. If you live alone, take a moment in the morning when you wake up. Before you run to make coffee, workout, or jump in the shower. Take a moment to just listen and let your brain awaken quietly.
  2. If you live with a family or friends, use the time you have your apartment to yourself. Go outside on the porch and smell the grass or take a moment on the couch to just lay there for a few.
  3. Go the beach and sit and allow the waves to crash around you. It’s just as good as the quiet. It’s a wave of calm.
  4. Take a level up and try some meditation if you are feeling up to it. Start with 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, and go from there. Try it with our meditation playlist. 

The benefits are endless. You’ll feel calmer. Stronger. And ready to tackle more.


image source – pixabay

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