New beginnings

As Daniela put it in her post about endings – new beginnings are just around the corner. We don’t always realize at the time of stress or frustration that there is something else waiting…waiting to be discovered.

Recently a lot of friends of mine have been going through a rough time. Some with jobs. Others with relationships. Some with money. And more with adult decisions and the time it takes to achieve them.

Will I ever have a kid? Will I get married? How long do I have to stay at this job? How long will it take to pay off this debt? Why can’t I just be happy?

Do any of these sound familiar?

At one time or another we’ve probably felt at least one of these. Remember the days of high school and/or college when the road was paved for us? We knew we were too young to worry about kids, or getting married, and if we did have debt, we were still young and had time to pay it off. If we had to worry about happiness, we could at least rely on a larger support system.

As adults, we’ve come to realize that the burden we carry is mostly on us to figure out. We have to determine whether we continue on the path we’re on or swerve quickly and take that sharp right turn. Is the sharp right turn worth it? Only time will tell.

The key is:

  1. Find your inner courage
  2. Search within yourself to see what will bring you more happiness
  3. Listen to your body – its reactions are telling you what’s healthy or unhealthy for you
  4. Find someone to listen to you

And if you can,…choose the path that makes you happier and healthier. Because you can’t do shit without your health and happiness guiding your path. Once you’ve decide on a path that allows you both, the rest will fall into place. And the friends and family who are there, will understand no matter the choices you make.

The sharp right turn, could be your new beginning…


image source – pixabay

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