Every Ending Brings a New Beginning

Written by contributing blogger, Daniela Forte. 

What is it about endings in life that make things feel so scary? It is the unknown. If you are anything like me, endings of any kind are never easy. They suck actually.

Just recently I had a new ending, one I wasn’t expecting for a little while. I totaled my car in a car accident. And since the accident I haven’t been able to look at the car, sit in the car or drive the car because I know my time with it is ending. I want to pretend this ending isn’t happening, because I am not ready for it to end between my car and I.

This car has been with me for about 10 years. It was the first “big girls” car I got when I started my career as a journalist.   While I knew the car had seen its day, it has listened to my happy moments, heard my cries in those aimless drives around town with my coffee and cigarettes.

It has provided a resting place for my friends to lay their head when the night was over. It has heard long awaited conversations in the rain, it took my best friend and I to many years of Black Friday shopping.

The car has endured the smell of my nasty cigarettes, my endless coffee stains, my junk in the trunk, it has gotten me from point a to point b and c and d and back again.   It has done 360s in the snow, it has watched me white knuckle it on dirt roads, it has gotten me home on those late nights from town meetings and so much more.   We’ve been through it all together, my little car and me.

I have a ton of stories to share, but I will stop here and talk a little more about endings.

Like I said above, endings suck. Sometimes the endings are unexpected, sometimes they are long awaited and very necessary for all parties involved and sometimes the ending is a colossal mistake.

What I do know about endings though, is that just around the bend is a new beginning, maybe a ton of new beginnings, new places to go and new people to meet.

Obviously with the totaling of my old car, I needed to get a new one. It’s the same car I had, just a very updated version. I promise to take better care of this car.   Major changes in life whether it be a new car or other changes are usually unforeseen, we don’t expect them so soon or sometimes at all.

We rest easy in the comfort of what we know, often ignoring that in life things do need to end or change in order for us to go forward with our lives.

A family member of mine is going through an ending right now, and the last few weeks have been difficult. She is very lost and unsure of the future, but like so many sudden changes, there is better just around the corner.

Trust in the endings, whatever they are and know that it will lead you exactly to where you need to be.



image source – pixabay 


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