Would you rather be a lifetime movie or a hallmark movie?

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Well let’s think for a second….lifetime movies are typically a little outrageous whether it’s psychotic nanny, jealous significant other, kidnappers, and so many other crazy scenarios you dream will never be something you encounter or live through yourself.

And then there’s Hallmark…a cycle of love stories told from one inn owner or cupcake maker to a country singer and the ones that want them and vice versa. There’s always that one twist, and then the perfect happy ending with a kiss, a ring, or a wedding. And they live…happy ever after.

It’s pretty easy to say, let’s choose the latter. But sometimes even hallmark is a bit much. It can give you a toothache from all the “perfection” of potential love. While lifetime gives you the concern of being involved with a sociopath or worse.

I recently for the first time went through a lifetime movie moment, and let’s just say it was not something I care to re-live. Being face to face with someone who can shut off emotions and go 180 on you from kind to mean is both unexpected and unnecessary in life when there are so many great things to appreciate and better ways to handle situations with proper emotions and objectivity.

So instead where’s the middle ground? I’d much prefer that. Realistic thought processes, where love is not all sugar (because we all know it takes work) and not filled with revengeful spiteful folks waiting to ruin your life.

Let’s take the high road…the middle road…the “lifemark” ?


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