Productivity and Relaxation – it can happen

This past weekend, I struggled on whether I needed to stay in all weekend or if I would be able to go away for the weekend as originally planned. I had more on my plate for work than I originally anticipated and felt a tad overwhelmed on how much I should tackle to not only stay on track but also stay ahead in order to keep the team ahead, rather than ever be rushed or feel like they’re falling behind in any way.

A coworker mentioned that I should go, because we all need time to decompress, and work will always be there. She was right, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to completely let go and enjoy myself if I didn’t do “some” work and feel comfortable come Monday morning in regards to my status on certain projects.

So what did I do?

  • I brought my work with me
  • I divided up what I would get done Fri night, Sat day, Sun day
  • I allowed myself to work Fri night with Netflix on so I could relax and get some of the less “focus” needed items completed
  • Saturday and Sunday I worked harder in the AM and afternoon and allowed myself the evening to relax and hang out

It wasn’t the perfect balance, but it allowed me time to get away, time to relax, and time to stay efficient in my work.

There’s no reason to give up one for the other. We can have both.


image source – pixabay

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