Running on Empty

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With so many festivities, summer happenings, and commitments, you can’t help but feel you’re “running on empty.” Juggling the family commitments, time to see friends, work (of course), and the regular “adulting” you must do to get through the day/week, sometimes you just have to breathe.

Just Breathe.

Take a moment to sit, reflect, and think what commitments are important for you to keep, and which ones you can skip (if you need to, that is) to gain some sanity back. Perhaps it’s not staying at a party all night, or perhaps it’s picking 2 out of the 3 activities you have that day, and taking a couple extra hours for yourself.

Realize that people will understand if you can’t afford the time or money to do it all. No one expects everyone to show up, or stay the whole time. Pick your battles, and in the end, remember the greatest battle is probably with yourself.

It’s ok to say no. And it’s ok to say yes, to yourself.

And then there are weeks where you may not be able to find a way to say, no. Muscle through it. Enjoy the moments you’re having and realize “no one ever looked back and said wow 10 years ago I had a pretty sweet nap.” You’ll remember the memories you made with your friends, even if you may yawn a little more that week. Grab a second coffee and push through to the fun.


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