One year

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A lot can happen in a year. For me the past year has meant a new adventure. A time of transition, new everything, and finding myself all over again.

Whether it’s New Year’s, the start of Spring, or the start of Fall. Take time to reflect. What did that year bring you? Was it full of new beginnings? Challenges? Obstacles you overcame? Some of both? What was it that you learned and feel proud of?

For me this past year was pretty huge. Full of new beginnings. I moved from Boston to NYC, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you lived in one place for 14 years – a lot goes with that move. It means leaving people behind. Memories. A piece of yourself…or many for that matter. But it also means so much more. It was an opportunity to test myself. To grow. To start over again.

I re-discovered a city I had flirted with when I was younger, when I visited NYC from CT. Over the few couple months I was infatuated. I loved exploring every little facet of my neighborhood and going out to see new things whenever I could. Movies and TV shows based in NYC were even fun to watch all over again. Over time, I fell in love. It’s a city that am happy to call home. A city that I would not have been ready to live in before I moved – because I truly do believe everything happens for a reason – and timing really is everything.

The city doesn’t feel like a concrete jungle. I have the parks, and the river, and so many hidden gems I find each week. September may mark my 1 year anniversary with the city I flirted with and am now committed to, but it’s also the 1 year anniversary of a new adventure. A new me.

Even when things can be tough and there are down times when you’re feeling a little blue. The one thing I have to remember is that NYC is the city for me right now. There is so much more I have to explore, and I’ve only just started.

Cheers to new¬†adventures, which 1 year in, has only just begun. And cheers to yours – and the one you may just be beginning now…


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