three ways to feel more fulfilled

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Most of us…or at least I’d like to believe…want to leave this world a better place. They want to make an impact. They want to leave a legacy. They want to help people, the earth, and make life a little bit better for themselves, their family, and those that they leave behind. We want a life that feels fulfilling. With meaning.

So how do we do that a little more often? Here are a few things that work for me:

  1. Donate my time or money – I joined New York Cares which allows me to take part in almost any time of volunteer opportunity from running with disabled folks, to mentoring children, to working with animals, and/or helping folks learn skills to better their future. I’m the first to admit, I have not made enough time for this, especially in the winter. But when I can’t donate my time, I find ways to donate my money to the causes that mean the most to me, which are animal related. It doesn’t mean I won’t help other causes, but my primary one is for the four legged creatures who don’t have a voice of their own.
  2. Recycle and conserve energy – I was always very bad about separating my recycling, because I got a little lazy when it came to separating my trash. And then when my building mandated it, it gave me the push I needed to get two different trash baskets, which allowed me to easily separate without having to even think about it. In addition, I never leave a light on, unless I’m in the room, and double check electric sources that don’t need to be plugged unless necessary.
  3. Use a water bottle – I have a few (too many) water bottles in different sizes, which allows me to use them for either work, the gym, or just bouncing around the city, based upon the amount of water I may need or space I have in my bag. Less plastic, drinking more water, and just helping all around.

These may seem like simple things, but every little bit counts. What’s on your list?


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