Too many decisions

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Have your realized that the older (…wiser) we get, the more decisions we have to make on a regular basis. The more things that end up on our to do list. The busier our evenings become. And all of a sudden, it’s Monday again. How did that happen?

It was so much simpler when the decisions we had to make were what classes are we taking this semester, and which dorm should we live in. Now we have to make appointments, decide on food for the week, gym schedules, which work is priority, what social engagement to attend, where to live, how much to spend per month, deciding on necessary errands, getting enough sleep, whether to adopt a pet or stick with the plant, and so much more. “Best of all” is these decisions typically come all at once, and make you have decision fever, and at times making you want to skip it all together. Yikes!

So what can we do??

This may sound ridiculous, but prioritize the decisions that must be made versus the ones that can wait or are not necessary in the first place. If deciding what to wear each day is a hassle, consider a work uniform or laying out clothes the night before. When it comes to work and large life decisions, make the time to do the research and focus on what has to be done as they’re typically not judgment calls. If you decrease the decisions and tasks (i.e. perhaps outsource some), then you’ll feel that each day and week is a big more manageable.

At least until the next set of crazy decisions…


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