Unnecessary Pain

Sometimes do it to ourselves. Sometimes it’s caused by outside variables.

She ran away

ran scared.

Looking sideways

until her breath stopped.

She ate her feelings

until the feelings drowned.

Overtaken by unnecessary anxiety

unnecessary pain.

She left it all behind

behind her needs.

She stomped out the fire

until the smoke overtook her.

She gasped for air

she could breathe again

just a little

just a little more.


Sometimes it’s a stress that lingers. A stress we let overwhelm us. Other times it’s a lingering item that allows us to be consumed by our anxiety. Whether it’s work, a relationship, our own lack of confidence or insecurity, that stress can be too much at times. Like the girl, we need to learn to leave it behind. Stomp out the crap that makes us uneasy. Believe in ourselves more. Focus on the positive that comes from walking away and beating the issue. Overcoming it. It may seem super far away, but it can be done.

Just breathe.

Leave the unnecessary pain behind.


image source: success yeti

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