5 Ways to get More Steps in Each Day

With Spring coming in full force, the sun being out longer, we can’t help but want to be more active. However, if most of your day is working, how can you get more steps in or add in more activity

Being active…takes effort. Some of us drive to work, sit at work, eat at our desk, and drive home, and sit on the couch. Or WFH all day. That’s a damn lot of sitting, don’t you think? We may get in 30 minutes of exercise on days we can summon up the energy…but what about the other days? Is that 30 minutes really enough? I can feel my butt getting bigger as I sit and write this post…

So what? What can we do?

Like most folks these days, you’re probably wearing (or have thought about) one of those activity trackers you wear on your wrist. Whether it’s the apple watch, garmin or another, they each do similar things – tracking steps, your heartbeat, your calorie burn and workouts. Wearing it is one thing, but making it worth your while is another. So let’s do this!

Here are five ways to get more steps in each day (not just week):

  1. Go for a walk during lunch (seriously even 15-20 minutes) or for a coffee break. Instead of going down the hall or downstairs, pick a coffee shop a few blocks away. With the spring and summer around the corner, the warmer and brighter weather is a good incentive too.
  2. If you have the luxury to live close to the office or WFH, walk to/from work or take a morning stroll while you take a call. I used to live 2 miles from my office when I lived in Boston, and walked each way. Even in the snow – truth. So on days, I didn’t have time to workout, I felt less guilty because I knew I was still taking the time to be active each day. Now WFH I try to pace while I take a call or get outside for a few minutes each day, even just to breathe the fresh air.
  3. Workout harder – don’t just do the bare minimum, or the “hey at least I did something” workout. Put in a little more a few days a week, so you know you’re making up for all that sitting.
  4. Go for a walk after dinner – if you have a significant other, encourage him/her to walk with you. Make it your evening routine.
  5. Stand while you work – A lot of people have invested in standing desks. Or at least consider a makeshift one – which I’ve done in the past with some books under my monitor and laptop.

And for the days you’re feeling extra zealous, perhaps get in two workouts. One before and one after work. If you are too busy before/after, perhaps use your lunch break as your workout time. Hey – stranger things have happened.


image source – pixabay

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