What if you had another chance?

Ever see the movie, Sliding Doors? Yes, it’s from 20 years ago, but recently I’ve been reading the book Dark Matter, and it reminded me of the movie. They have very little in common, except the potential of alternate realities and lives, and how the outcome of your current life could be so different, just from whether or not you catch that specific subway, or if you stopped to get ice cream, etc.

I think about this sometimes…what if I hadn’t gone to law school, or what if I had moved away from the northeast and gone to graduate school somewhere completely different? What if I wasn’t a nerd in school or what if started my marketing career earlier?

…and then I thought…what if you did take that right turn instead of left? What if you are living on another plane with this alternate reality. There are many physicists out there (yes I was a physics major…another fun fact), who have explored the String theory, and Dark Matter, and have considered that there may in fact be alternate realities. Could you imagine if there was another you…living the alternate version of your life?

This may be a bit surreal for the normal Radiate Daily posts…but think of it this way…what if you had another chance to live the life you didn’t, or take the path you were afraid to or missed out on. What would you do?

My ask of you is the following:

  • Think about what you wish you had done or the path you had taken.
  • Write down the top 3 things
  • Are any of these these 3 achievable still?
  • Find a way to make it happen so you live with no regrets and know you tried to live your life to the fullest

And even if there is another you out there…at least you are living the life you want in this reality.

p.s. the book is awesome – I urge you to check it out



image source – pixabay

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