Why you should plan less

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…this coming from a Type double-A planner, who lives and dies by her Google Calendar. It has everything from the things to pack for work, appointments, to errands to run, and plans with friends. My sister once said, did you plan our bathroom breaks in Paris too? Not so far off, back then.

But as of late, I try to find more balance. I plan what matters to be productive and efficient in my day to day life, but I plan less when it comes to relaxation.

For example the other day, when a friend randomly texted for me to come over that night, I kept thinking, but I planned to sit on my couch and chill (I very much needed that relaxation from a busy week). And then I thought, well, if she can meet earlier, I can do both! What was supposed to be a brief catch up went from drinks to walking around the west village, to an impromptu dinner filled with some of the best hanger steak, mushrooms, and deviled eggs I had ever had. Trust me.

What’s the point?

When I let myself plan less, I end up having random adventures and times that are unexpected. And sometimes the unexpected is how we truly live. It’s how we make memories.

So my new thing in 2017 (it isn’t over yet), is to plan less. Live a little more.


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