Eat with a Purpose

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I know I’ve been there…it’s a lazy Saturday, raining outside, and you can’t help but veg on the couch. It starts with a flavorful breakfast. Then a snack. Then another, and another. It’s mindless eating, and you’re eating just because…not because you actually need to eat or are that hungry. It’s a random craving, that you can’t or won’t suppress because why the hell not, it’s a rainy Saturday.

Once in a while fine. Once in a while for most things is fine.  But being mindful and purposeful is important in our daily lives, especially when it comes to eat (especially as we get older…sorry but it’s true).

Before you walk over to the fridge and mindlessly look inside and grab that ice cream think to yourself…do I really want or need this? Am I really hungry? Can I wait until the next meal, or perhaps find something healthier?

And again, even too much “healthy” food can add up. It’s about portions, and eating for a purpose, rather than always a pleasure. Although it would be nice that all our purposeful eating, was also full of pleasure. It can definitely be done if you meal prep some yummy meals, and plan ahead for things you can bring to lunch to munch to curb those bad cravings.

How can you be more purposeful?

  1. Have a glass of water and see if you’re still having that craving.
  2. Still hungry, find a healthy alternative to the junk food your mind is telling you, you desperately want.
  3. See if you can have a smaller portion of the craving you’re having


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