An Alternative Ending in our Life Stories

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Written by contributing blogger, Daniela Forte.

Have you ever watched a movie or a television show and thought, “It would have been great had it ended this way, versus the way it did?”  You think about how great that alternative ending could have been had the director or producer just gone in another direction.

Life is kind of like that.  Have you watched certain stories in your life end, and thought… “It didn’t need to end this way?”  I have.

But what if, (now hear me out) it had to end exactly as it did?  What if the alternative was simply not an option and the producers and directors of your fate didn’t think it should go any other way?

Had a life story not gone the way it did, it might not have brought you to where it did.  You might not have met that person, or visited that place or ate that dish or found your strength.  You wouldn’t have experienced that new experience, had that one life story ended in any other way it did.

So often we fight against certain endings simply because we can’t accept them.  We hold on to every morsel of that story because we want to keep it alive a little while longer.  We’ll share a moment, listen to a song, look at an old picture, listen to a voice message just to keep that story alive a little while longer.

All the while saying in our minds, “It didn’t need to end the way it did.” But it absolutely had to.  Here are a few things you should know about this:

Acceptance is Important: It’s not to say you will immediately accept the fate of an ending of something, because none of us do.  We go through periods of time where acceptance is far from our view. But eventually it has to make its appearance in your life in order to move on.

Every Ending is a Beginning: Sounds cliché, but it’s true.  It’s the beginning of something new, something better. You may not see that at the moment, but it arrives.

The Ending May Not Be Fair: The ending of a life story may not be fair.  There may be things left unsaid, feelings hurt (or not), anger and resentment.  And it may take a while before you can heal from that.  It’s okay.

Trust the Process: Whatever that process is, trust it. Hold it close and near to your heart.  Understand that everything is unfolding as it should.

Embrace What Still Remains: The people, the love, the care you have in your life.  Embrace that. Just because one story ended doesn’t mean it’s entirely a lost cause for you.  Enjoy those people that are still here, the experiences you are still having and the love in your day-to-day.

Not All Endings Are Forever:  Sometimes stories just need a break.  Sometimes they just need space to re-calibrate and maybe in a different time and place, the story can reopen differently, better.  But don’t wait for it to happen, just go with what life brings you.  You never know.

Some Endings Are Forever: On the flip side, some endings are forever.  And the best you can do is not analyze it, overthink it or beat yourself up over it.  Just understand whatever happened was meant to happen and go from there.



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