Why Barre Class has me Stoked

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I’m that person who falls over walking. Trips on myself, and constantly spills something on my own shirt. You’d be lucky if it wasn’t your shirt. Slightly uncoordinated to say the least, and definitely clumsy. And forget sports like softball…I was the kid who struck out so many times I was afraid to go up to the plate. So when it came to working out, I was always and still am one who has to try a little harder to ensure I have the right posture and movements. And then…came Barre…

This class requires you to balance, shift form left to right quickly, and make smooth quick movements…like a ballet dancer. Just imagine. I was always intimidated and just assumed it wasn’t for me. I love Spin class, I can even get into pilates, which requires position effort, but is less intimidating in my opinion. But I did it…I went. Luckily the instructor (a professional dancer, of course) was very humble, helpful, and cared enough to come around to the beginners. She helped position me correctly, give quick tips on what I should consider, etc.

How many times have I been? Just a handful, but I look forward to increasing that because:

  1. It allows me to balance my exercise routine – I do a lot of cardio and some weights, which is great and all but it’s good to balance that with other muscle groups being worked on too. Barre works hard on the core, legs, arms, and back. It allowed to work multiple muscles at once. My favorite were the plank transitions…perhaps that sounds masochistic, but I do.
  2. It makes me focus harder – Because Barre allows you to work multiple body muscles at once, it ensures you have to work harder and focus more on your position and movements. For example when I am switching positions quickly it’s important to ensure the right balance and movement so I don’t strain a muscle or work it incorrectly which would have a less positive results overall. And perhaps in a way this helps me mentally and physically each day because it reminds me to work harder and balance multiple things at the same time.
  3. It pushes me beyond my comfort zone – I am far from comfortable in Barre yet (the way I am with spin). I have a lot more classes to go to, and before each time I go I get a little nervous and anxious. For now I keep going to the same instructor because I liker her patience and ways of teaching, but over time I look forward to branching out and trying new instructors too.


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