Change Gears

My advice for anyone who is “stuck” in a rut, or can’t focus on a specific task, project, or …blog post they’re writing.


Change Gears.


Rather than sitting there thinking about what you should be doing, turn to a different item on your to-do list and keep crossing things off. At some point, you’ll have the motivation to go back to the item that you couldn’t wrap your mind around or get motivated enough to do.

Typically, when I have a handful of items on my to do list, I cross off the smaller ones first. Then I’m left with the larger, daunting one and know I have no way to dodge it anymore. It leaves a bit of time pressure and knowing I “have to” do it now, or never. It’s like when we were kids in school and had to cram for an exam and realize this is it.

Not everyone works that way.

Another method I use is breaking up a larger project into smaller – more digestible – easier to manage – pieces. For example if I have 5 blog posts to write, I try not to think of it as five blog posts. Instead I break it into 5 different topics. I have one on fashion, fitness, cooking, career, and lifestyle. I tackle by the ones I’m motivated to write about and go back to the others when I have the brainpower to do it.

Other times I walk away.

Walk away. Literally. Get up and walk around and come back to what I have to do.

Fresh perspectives, gears changed, and motivation regained.


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