My Gluten Story

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I realized over the past year that I was getting constant migraines and upset stomach issues when I would eat out or sometimes even when I made my own meals. It was pretty frequent, and almost immediate after I had a meal. I knew there was an allergic reaction happening but determining what it was, was no small feat. I was a person who loved food. Still do. I ate so many different ingredients in every meal – everything from spices to breads to cheeses to all my favorite desserts. I wasn’t unhealthy per say, but I wasn’t depriving myself from what I wanted to eat.

So, began the search.

I began with my PCP, and she sent me off to an allergen specialist. They poked, prodded, and poked and prodded some more. What did they determine? I was allergic to dust and cats (mind you I have a cat – and that isn’t going to change). They couldn’t figure out what foods were causing the issue. Awesome.

I knew I couldn’t live like this, so I had to do something. A close friend also had stomach issues and had recently¬†gone Paleo because of it. The change for her, was immensely helpful. I didn’t go completely Paleo but I cut out dairy and gluten foods to test some theories. I introduced dairy back in my diet and I seemed fine. I introduced gluten, and I was not so fine. The culprit.

I had to make Gluten my B*tch.

Ever since then I’ve begun to reduce my Gluten intake. I went from 80 to 90 to now, 99.9%. The .1 remains because sometimes it sneaks in without my knowledge (and that is no fun). I try to take on a paleo-esque diet when feasible but I do love my chocolate, cheese and corn tacos, so I allow myself those few things.

I have felt a ton better, and my migraines although not gone, are less often. My stomach issues although can still occur – I believe are more stress induced now rather than food related.

It’s basically a lifestyle change, and I am the better for it. Do I miss bread and cake? Sometimes. Do I want to feel miserable again? Definitely not.

I feel healthier, stronger, leaner, and better each day due to my dietary changes.


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