Don’t Let Someone Make you Doubt Your Worth…

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone puts you down or ridicules you for something? I’m not talking about the middle or high school days. I’m talking about a friend or boyfriend or coworker…

Imagine a significant other plays hot and cold with you, brushes you off when they feel like it, and then insults your character, making it seem like it’s your fault for no reason. Many people would walk away, but others may feel attached and blame themselves and try to fix things.

Imagine a coworker who harasses you for your online profile that they saw on an app, and what you are wearing to a holiday party. Doing that skinny arm again, eh?

Or imagine, a so-called best friend using passive aggressiveness to get what they want. Or instead putting you further down their priority list, and only coming to you when there’s nothing else going on?

Rough, right? But it happens so often that sometimes we are blind to it. Sometimes we don’t see it until we are looking back in our rear view mirror. Or if we do see it, sometimes we ignore it or try to fix it through our own behavior. The problem is, it usually isn’t us. It’s them. They may be insecure, in a bad situation, or just plain jerks. And worse, are the sociopaths who don’t ever realize they are doing it. When you meet one of those…run. Run faster.

The best part is when your friends are there to remind you that the feeling you have because of that person isn’t true. Or if it is partially, it isn’t something that defines you. It shouldn’t shake your worth. It shouldn’t take your confidence and the embodiment of who you are.

I thank the friends who are there for me everyday. Because of your gentle reminders, I’m more confident. I believe in myself and my worth.



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