I’m the type of person who believes what people say. I typically think, why would that person lie. There’s no reason to. So I believe you, her, him, and your mom. I believe that what you say is how you feel, what you want, and how things really happened.

I still make this mistake.
People put up a facade and fib, tweak the truth, and blatantly lie for all sorts of reasons. This isn’t anything new. This isn’t anything we didn’t know. But sometimes we have to realize when to trust, when to believe, and when to read behind the facade.
Sometimes it’s at work. Sometimes its with “firends” and other times its with mere acquaintances we’ve just met. How do we know?
I’m still learning, but what I’ve learned to do is not taking everything at face value. Not believe everything about a first encounter. And think back to the conversation to discern why that person said what they did. Was it to bolster their own confidence? Make you think they’re amazing? Or because they are just an untruthful person? It takes time to discern for real, because not all facades are that easy.
We do it too. We just need to make sure we don’t lie to ourselves. Put up a facade for so long that we forget and blur the lines too often and too long.

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