Why do we fear 30?

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Turning 30 was a big number. I remember thinking, No. Just No. My friend Julia Roy, said she would wear black on her birthday in mourning of the horrific number. But why do we fear 30? As much as I feared that age, I actually fear 35 more.

Why? Because: I’m afraid I won’t have accomplished everything “I’m supposed to” by that certain age. It’s society’s preconceptions of where we’re all supposed to be by a certain age that make us fearful at times.

Will we still look hot? Will we have the right job? Will we be making enough salary? Will we be married? Will we have kids? Will we own a home? Will we marry again? Will we be the person we thought we’d be by that age?

As the song goes… Play it on repeat until I fall asleep. 

I am not perfect at this by any means, but my new thing is to be content with where I am today. And strive for where I want to be. Grab what I want by the ” you know ” and just make it happen. If it make it, awesome. If I don’t, then maybe there’s another road I’m supposed to go down. Turning 30, wasn’t as scary as I thought. I’m 31 now, going on 32 this summer. And everything in my life is not perfect. But it’s pretty great, and I can’t complain.

So instead of sitting around worrying (and getting wrinkles – screw that), I’ve tried the following:

  • Focus on doing more of what I love. I have a new found love for spin and pilates (thanks to a great friend – Kristin). I never thought I would enjoy going to the gym multiple times throughout the week, but I do now. I enjoy taking classes that make me feel more connected with myself and who I want to be. I take the time to let out my stress through spin, and relax (and also sweat) during pilates.
  • Focus on what makes me feel good. Since I turned 30, I’ve had an issue with migraines. The girl who never truly had headaches, now gets migraines on a weekly basis. It was to a point that I was miserable eating or drinking most things. So, it was time for a change. Following suit of a friend (yes, you Kristin, again) who has turned to Paleo for nutritional and health benefits, I have done the same over the last year. This isn’t to say that I don’t cheat and have a cookie here or there, but I try to go for gluten and dairy free on most occasions. I like eating paleo, I feel better, and in turn, have less migraines. It’s been amazing.
  • Focus on what makes me happy in the long run. I have a hard time sitting around and doing nothing (although I can definitely netflix binge like the best of them). I realized when I’m happiest is when I’m working towards something. When I’m building a website, inspiring others to believe in themselves, and just plain being productive. So, I make weekly and monthly commitments that help me stay in line. I run Radiate Daily on a daily and weekly basis, blog for startup fashion every 2 weeks, socialnomics once a month, and SMC once a quarter. It helps me feel that I am doing something that is hopefully helping others and giving back to the community through knowledge and expertise I have gained.

Age may be a #, but it is still daunting. There are days when I look at those who have achieved so much by 31. But who cares. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And that’s what matters.

How do you #radiatedaily?

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