Change Your Story

I recently wrote a post for socialnomics, around brands being a positive inspiration for marketers and consumers. I’m constantly inspired by brands – whether they be blogs, fitness brands, and/or brands just putting out a motivational message. In the days of so many screens, so much snow (for real), and less time for ourselves, it can be easy to focus on the negative. Especially about ourselves.

Depending on the day, I look at myself and see:
  • Could lose a few pounds
  • Tempermental hair
  • The need for concealer for dark circles
  • Unable to run more than a 5K because I run weird
  • Still forget the difference between “effect” and “affect”
  • Wish I was a better morning person
  • Need to learn to hate less and let go of people
Then there are days, that I’m like “hey, shut the hell up” you’re pretty damn great.
You’re imperfect, and that’s why you’re great. 
So easy to focus on our imperfections, that we forget why they matter. They make us who we are. And truthfully, if we look out ourselves in a different light (or try to) we can change our own story as so many brands do each day.
So instead I try to see this: 
  • I’m working out regularly and eating well, and I feel great
  • I can have curly or straight hair, depending upon how I feel
  • I am tan all year round
  • At least I can run around the Charles river during the summer
  • Thank god there’s Google
  • I can try again tomorrow
  • Each day, let go of a little hate, and work towards indifference. Because some people don’t deserve even the hate.
A few ways I’ve learned to change my story: I work towards filling each day (or at least each week) with things that make me feel better about myself and my life. Some people just need a good bath and a book. Other people may need a trip to rejuvenate themselves. Others may need an hour each day to unwind. Whatever works for you, is what you should make time for – each day, week, and month.
My daily feel good needs: at least 30 min of exercise; 15 extra minutes in the morning to check email, weather, and instagram; cuddling with my kitten; and saying a real hello to a friend or two.
My weekly feel good needs: working out 5-6 times a week; at least one night without plans to chill out; blogging; taking pictures of the scenery around me.
My monthly feel good needs: a mani/pedi; exploring the city; sushi; catch-up with old and true friends; getting out of the city for a day or night; reading a book (no way I can make this a daily thing, but weekly or monthly, for sure).
Obviously, there’s no perfect, “feel great” day. You just have to try to make it your day, and your story.
How do you #radiatedaily ?
Image source: Equinox Instagram

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